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What to do Next ????


We are not so sure but you can try these things (at your own risk and May almighty save you). And please note that we won't be responsible for any of your own action.

> Hide Yourself, before he finds you ...

> Make sure you never type just "Rajnikant". Add "Master", Sir or some same prefix before , might he get impressed and pay pity to you (Who knows) !


                                        JUST SHAKE YOUR HEAD  

Shake your Head to see Rajinikanth - mind it ! 



Read out the Crazy fact about Rajinikanth

When Rajinikanth was studying in 1st std. someone stole his rough note and
Now they call it as Wikipedia :P

Law of Conservation of Rajni

All scientists failed to answer this but Rajinikanthh did...
Ques: Which liquid turns solid on heating?
Ans: Dosa... mind it !!


Rajinikanth's next project is Titanic in Tamil. However, Rajinikanth has twisted the climax. Both the lead actors survive. Rajinikanth swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the heroine in one hand and the Titanic in the other :D


Rajinikanth can walk faster than light,"Rajini cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another" :P


Rajinikanth got 150 questions in exam paper asking - "Solve any 100 questions"
He solved all 150 and wrote, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!"


When Rajinikanth was a Student,
Teachers use to Bunk the classes!


Once upon a time Rajinikanth used Tooth Powder to get strong teeth today that powder is known as "AMBUJA CEMENT".

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